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Dr. Roger Leslie is an award-winning author, publisher, writing coach, editor, and speaker who empowers people to live the life they dream. A prolific writer, Leslie has published books in multiple genres, including fiction, self-help, biography, educational texts, performance arts reference, and inspiration. His passion and energy as a speaker transform audiences and provide them with the tools they need to build the life they once only imagined.

Leslie grew up in Michigan and has lived in Texas since his teens. In his youth he discovered his passion to write. That dream burgeoned to now encompass a library of his published works and international speaking engagements. His degrees include a BA in education, MA in creative writing, Master’s library certification, and a PhD in education with research focusing on literature’s impact on motivation and moral development. As a student, teacher, librarian, and author, Leslie has won multiple honors and awards.

Leslie’s mission to empower others continues to leave a legacy of dreams reaching fruition. He transforms lives through his dynamic approach to goal setting and his commitment to showing others how to live the life they dream.