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My book Two Generations is two autobiographies, one by my father born during 1899 and myself. Both stories highlight the enduring values of faith, love, and service. I graduated from Adrian College, a private college in south-east Michigan. I met my wife at a dance and we lived in German, had a German family and travel all over Europe. We overcame some hard times. My father grew up in a poor financially family in a village near Kalamazoo, MI. He grew up in a small two bedroom house with five brothers and two sisters. There was no plumbing or electricity during his years at home. Through hard work and determination he graduated from college and received his Master degree from the University of Michigan. His life touched lives and he was successful in all that he did. It was enjoyment bringing alive our lives of the hard times and the good times. This book also includes our Alaskan cruise and traveling throughout Alaska including Dawson City, Yukon.



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