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Renne’ has over 25 years of experience in sailing and the aerospace industry. Her background of cruising on a sailboat is the inspiration for writing her ten Nighty Night Sailboat children’s books. This series offers children educational books, extra-curricular activities such as coloring pages, sailing terminology, moral insights, geography, history, and questions for adults to ask children for reading retention.

This science fiction romance Aerospace Opera trilogy encompasses spellbinding mysteries evolved from a real experiment flown on both the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. The book integrates NASA culture with science fiction. AEROSPACE: The Last Payload is about a female Software Quality Engineer, Susan, who goes out for a sailing adventure and ends up in a murder mystery. The sequel, AEROSPACE: The King’s Payload, takes her to Switzerland and continues the mystery of her involvement with Dr. Dalton Masters and who is trying to kill them both. In the trilogy AEROSPACE: The Rebirth Payload addresses the complexities of traveling to Mars and conceiving and delivering a child in Space. A micrometeorite shower created a life or death situation for the heroine, Susan.

Moving On … “NEXT” is about twenty-six women, A through Z, who decide to move on from bad relationships. Afterward, they find themselves headed in a healthy new direction in life. It’s a self-help book which both women and men can discover if they are in a toxic relationship.

Sensuous Poems Through Time contain poems describing Loving Today, Going Away, Life Disarray, and Passing to Stay.

Renne’ published multiple sailing articles in magazines, as well as an Air Force technical publication on Quality Assurance.

Renne’ has been awarded first place in the fiction African American Genre for her short story titled, Swish, Swish-The Mistake (Short Stories by Texas Authors).

She has been awarded first place in the fiction Military Genre for her short story titled, I Promise (Short Stories by Texas Authors).

She also placed third for her award-winning poem, published in The Fear (Voyage to Remember, National Library of Poetry 1996).

She lectured to children through personal presentations at local schools, on Being an Author, in Cuba, Key West, and The Bahamas and shares her Nighty Night Sailboat stories with them.

She lectured on Sailing to Cuba at the Southwest International Boat Show, belongs to the Texas Authors and previously to the Key West Literary Society.



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