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Reba McIntyre-Kindred  Reba McIntyre-Kindred is the founder of the Uniques as well as the writer and director. Kindred graduated from Powell Point High School in Kendleton, Texas, in 1966 as valedictorian of her class.  She was also voted the girl most likely to succeed.   She married the late Algie Kindred and gave birth to three daughters: Ramona, Shontelle and Nicole.  She knew that she was a poet, but something else was coming to life inside of her and she didn’t know what it was until the late 1970’s.  After Kindred performed her first one-woman act, she knew that she would always be a writer.  She is a dedicated member of the Sugar Land Church of Christ.  Kindred have penned more than one hundred plays and skits.  In 1987, she published her first book entitled “Works by Reba.”   In 2010, she published her second book of poems entitled “Quiet Rhymes” published by Creative House Press, Austin, Texas.  In 2011, she published her third book, which is a Children’s book entitled: “The Boy Who Hated Being Black,” published by Creative House Press, Austin, Texas. Kindred is smiling a lot these days as her dream to become a renown writer seems to be unfolding right before her very eyes.


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