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PEGGY GREEN-ERNST is an author, national public policy analyst, and coalition builder. She began organizing activities at an early age to bring people together for a common purpose, which ultimately landed her in the midst of national politics — serving in leadership positions such as a former State of Texas Commissioner and as Executive Director of a national organization for the housing and financial services industry. She continues to build coalitions, and to offer compassionate solutions for America’s public policy. She also brings a global perspective to her writing due to her educational and childhood experiences from living in England, Japan, Kwajalein Island in the Pacific Ocean, Panama Canal Zone in Central America, as well as Texas and Mississippi in the United States. She earned her Master’s in Business Administration degree from Southern Methodist University. She and her spiritual partner Ray Ernst live in Texas. She is the author of three books: "Love and Compassion…Spiritual Solutions for our Politics and our Lives!"; "My Interview with Jesus: The Great Awakening of 2020"; and a novel, "Paradise in Puerta Verde". 


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