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The only daughter of a Normand pilot and a Savoyarde, Patricia Le Foll moved with her parents, from base to base, then to Africa where they lived at two different occasions. Over a period of about ten years, there have been many trips to several countries in Africa which remains her favourite continent; even though it is in the USA that she now lives. She studied economics in Bordeaux where she started her passionate teaching career. Then she moved to the United States where she created a French language school.

Bibliography: (Bilingual French/English books have bilingual titles, while books only in French have titles only in French)

“Exercices de style d’une confinée/Exercises in Style by a confined woman " - short stories

“Femme panthère/panther woman” - short stories

"Plafond de verre"/Glass ceiling” - stories among which the one entitled “For the worse or the better” was

nominated among the 13 “best short story of “The artist academy” 2020 selection”

"Les perles de mes élèves" - humour

"Alphabet game" - play

“Dans tous les sens” - poetry and prose

"La valse des horreurs" - short story built as a game in collaboration with Caroline Kerlan

Pat also works as translator and interpreter. She is involved in looking for help in the production of a movie whom heroes are defenders of the wild.



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