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Many years ago I had an experience that significantly changed my life. I belonged to a Bible Church where the scriptures were taught word by word from the original Greek and Hebrew. I was deeply involved in this church. I loved the Word as it was being taught I couldn’t get enough…

I believe the year was 1983. The Pastor said something truly despicable, even though, at that moment I was not really aware of it—my Spirit knew instantly, however. Weeks or months passed before I realized that the talk of Apartheid (an Afrikaans word meaning “the state of being apart”, “literally “apart-hood”) was a system of legal segregation in South Africa. Although the statement made by the Pastor was a “personal point of view” my whole life exploded! How could a person of Spirit say such a thing? I had been brought up in the South. I had experienced segregation first hand—and could not comprehend why one set of people would believe that they were somehow inherently better than another set of people! This philosophy never made any sense to me—NEVER EVER…