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Lynn Colwell is a working non-fiction writer and novelist. Her work in progress is a fantasy novel set in WWII London. She holds an undergraduate degree in Spanish/English Teacher Education and an MA in English Literature. Lynn worked as a teacher at the high school and college levels and is bilingual, Spanish/English. After leaving her teaching career, Lynn became an accomplished businesswoman in her role as a Quality Health Safety and Environmental manager for a global corporation. This gave her the opportunity to travel the world and absorb the beauty of many places and cultures. She is currently a certified Purpose Guide and a Career Consultant, as well as a devoted grandmother. As a working novelist, Lynn knows the transformational power of story. She is deeply compelled by the journey that we take as human beings over the course of our lives. She passionately cares about the Earth and the living entities, human and non-human, that inhabit the planet. Lynn lives near Galveston, Texas and can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.




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