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Larry D. Thompson spent the first half of his professional life trying lawsuits and raising kids. He succeeded at both. He's proud to say that his three children survived teenage years, graduated from college and are now out on their own, leading productive lives. As a trial lawyer, he has tried literally hundreds of cases with a success record in excess of 95%.

He graduated from The University of Texas (Hook 'em Horns) with BBA and JD degrees. His brother was best selling author, Thomas Thompson. After Tommy died way too young, the idea that he would carry on the family tradition lodged somewhere in the far reaches of his mind and finally surfaced when his youngest son graduated from college. His last writing class was freshman English, and that was many years ago. Still, when he started writing he had read thousands of novels and thought he understood what works and what doesn't.

Larry writes about what he knows best...lawyers, courtrooms and trials. The legal thriller is his genre. His prose is spare. Like Elmore Leonard he believes that he should provide just enough description to trigger the imagination of the reader to flesh out the character or scene. That makes the reader more than just an observer. He or she actually gets to participate in the creative process.