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Kari J. Moullen was born in Whittier, California on August 4, 1971. Her love for books blossomed at an early age, for most toddlers carried around or slept with a favorite stuffed animal or blanket Kari slept with a small Mother Goose book. Watching and falling in love with Star Wars ignited her already active imagination.

Upon moving to Homer, Alaska during her second grade year, the unexplored wilderness provided many adventures with her older sister. The cold winter nights were the perfect backdrop for reading by the warm fire.

After reading A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle, in the third grade, Kari knew that she wanted to be a writer, but that Dream would not come to fruition until later in life.

A spontaneous move to Hawaii in the sixth grade would prove to be a testimonial of challenges and life decisions that would push the dream of writing further out of reach.

Her senior year in high school began with a move to North Texas. Sharing several pieces, she created with her creative writing teacher and class she was greeted by positive feedback however it was an area of her world she choose to keep private

Although she continued to create and take writing courses all through high school and into college it remained merely an escape from the world around her.

Life remained busy and full after the birth of her daughter Ashlin and a failed marriage. Eventually Kari began writing on a regular basis again. This was the start of her first completed novel. It was not a quick process taking twelve years to complete. Although ten years of that was a brief hiatus from writing when she remarried and had her second child Logan.

Upon strong support from her parents and Aunt, Kari finished her first novel, The Spinner Sagas: The Telling, in the spring of 2017. After a dear friend forwarded an article about a crowd fund raising platform, Publishizer, she opted to take this unconventional route to getting published

With a successful campaign, she had 14 publishers interested in the manuscript. Taking every aspect into account she decided to partner with Mascot books for her first endeavor