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I was born in Ohio in 1960 and moved to California in 1969, where I finished college, started and fulfilled two careers, lost a thirteen-year marriage, and nearly a second in the fast-paced world of Orange County, California. At forty-one, a life time’s worth of joyful successes and great pains already behind me, my wife Rachelle (Chelle), step-daughter, and I moved to Amarillo, Texas, to be closer to all my kids and see what God might do to mend our family that had been apart too long. Fifteen years later, the kids are grown and moved away, and God has proven Himself faithful to heal and redeem.

In my journey, the mid-west, west coast, and southern Bible-belt cultures I have lived in have blended to make me a man of strong work ethics, creative passions, solid faith, and generosity. I am a unique mixture of creative design and expression, nerdish detailed administrative skills, and the ability to inspire, manage and lead, all in the fierce pursuit of serving others, especially my family. Our four adult children include—as I like to put it—”one of each kind;” birth, step, adopted, and a god-daughter. My extended family includes a number of grown foster children who still call me Dad.

I came to Christ as a teenager during the height of the Jesus movement in the early seventies. I caught the fire for serving Christ while in high school and have never looked back. My faith was strengthened and thrived as a youth pastor for nearly ten years, but then was tested through career changes, a divorce and the near failure of a second marriage. It was my second wife, Chelle’s, massive brain tumor that God used to bring us to reconcile our relationship. That was over twenty years ago and Rachelle and I are still married, more in love than ever, and still recovering joyfully together.

I am currently serving as the Director of Production Services at Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo, a great place to utilize my skills, accumulated over a lifetime of diverse experiences. My career path has included: minister, entrepreneur, entertainment talent and crew supervisor, and manager, in three churches, two startup companies, the Disneyland Hotel, Amarillo Civic Center, and my continued volunteer work with the C.S. Lewis Foundation. I have also worked as a freelance film lighting technician for hundreds of commercials, infomercials, music videos, short and feature films, eventually qualifying me for Gaffer and Key Grip positions.

Out of all these life experiences as a common man walking with an extraordinary God, I write…