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Since his early years, Ken Mann found that he experienced life as if he was a character in his own story. An actor saying his lines, a storyteller crafting a yarn, a cinematographer exploring what would fill the lens, a songwriter eliciting joy and memories. As an observer of his own life, he says he noticed two over-riding themes. First, life can be remarkably funny. Second, life can be painfully disconcerting. Sometimes both at the same time. Throughout his book (Ugada Be Kidn Me), Blog, and Newsletter, you will see the world as Ken sees it - sardonically, humorously, ridiculously, admiringly, comically, bitter-sweetly, tongue-in-cheekly, uproariously, wryly, amusingly, lightheartedly, absurdly, screamingly, pricelessly, farcically, and waggishly.



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