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Fidel Angel Rijos-Rodriguez, is an 12 years old kid, who is attending Trauttman Middle School, in Laredo, Texas. His nickname is Tito. He was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. About 10 years ago his parents Fidel A. Rijos Ortiz and Lorena Rodriguez Rivera moved to Laredo, Texas. Tito has 3 sisters. Ledif Michelle Rijos Rodriguez, Alondra Carrion Rodriguez and Amahia Rijos Rodriguez.

Tito’s favorites courses are Science and Arts. He likes to explore and gather information of the space and everything that it about it. He wants to buy his star on “Star Deed”. He is so special that he has an astronaut uniform because that’s what he wants to be when he grows up.

He like’s to make lots of drawings about animals and different characters. He is working on his second book and that is why he likes to draw. He uses various forms of art to complete his figures like, play-duh, paints, pencils, markers almost everything that you could think of he would like to use it or find a way to incorporate to his characters. His favorite tool is the pencil and paper.

Tito wrote and created all of the drawings of his book : ¿Como puedo llegar a ser un… Astronauta? as a school project for the Gifted and Talented Showcase in 2014. Fidel represented Borchers Elementary and his teacher Sandra Martinez. He was selected as the winner by the United Independent School District and received a medal.

Fidel share his achievement with his Pastor Gilberto Velez from Iglesia Cristiana Misericordia who presented him to the church as a young talented Son of God. It was an amazing experience for Tito.