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Dawn Milson’s passion in life is to help women overcome, persevere, and flourish in their own lives, regardless of past or present circumstances. Dawn believes that through

God’s grace, lives can be fully restored to live in joy, peace, happiness and hope for a brighter future through our Lord Jesus Christ.

While settling into a new season in her life, Dawn occasionally sees a glimpse of that haunted little girl she used to be. The little girl who longed to be loved by someone. The child who wished she was as smart as her siblings. The little girl who wished her dad would think she was pretty, call her princess just one time. A young girl who longed to feel important to someone, anyone.

There is only one reason Dawn even cares to look back at this little girl who is in so much pain and feels all alone. This little girl who becomes a young lady who thinks: “All my problems will be solved if I can get away from the farm. Someone out there will see my worth, will think I’m pretty enough, smart enough – enough!”

For years, the road didn’t lead to that little girl’s hopes and dreams. Instead the rocky path ended up filled with trenches and beasts trying to consume their next victim. But no matter the beatings, abandonment, and pain the world dished out, Dawn kept getting back up because she believed God’s Grace was stronger than anything in this world. She believes the promises He made are meant for her, too.

All these years later, Dawn remains faithful, when she looks in the mirror she can sometimes still see the pain in that little girl’s eyes, but with a few deep breaths, Dawn can transform those eyes by focusing on the blessings sprinkled throughout her life, too!

Dawn’s positive outlook, that other’s call contagious, comes from the heartfelt understanding that God’s grace was never anything she had to earn or even really deserved, but there it was for the taking — a true gift from God with no strings attached!

But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it. – Ephesians 4:7

As a little girl of eleven, Dawn accepted Jesus Christ in her heart as her Savior and Lord. With seeds of faith sown into her life by her mother and grandmother, Dawn discovered an unwavering faith and resolve to survive devastating spousal abuse. With her very life threatened by an abusive husband, she held onto her faith in God.