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Charlayne Elizabeth Denney Charlayne Elizabeth Denney was born in Amarillo, Texas and lived there until 1991. Now a resident of Houston, she has been a waitress, a DJ, a sportswriter, a technical writer, sold knives, swords, and replica weapons, was part-owner of a comic shop, and a perennial student.

Charlie, as she's known, is a wife, mom of 4, grandmother of 9, and pack mom of two Shetland Sheepdogs and a large cat who thinks she's a Sheltie. Charlayne started writing in 4th grade, doing "Mary Sue" stories using the Dark Shadows and Star Trek worlds. She tried hard to stop writing, her parents thought it was not "a proper career." Eventually, between the real-life crazies 12 years ago she started writing again. When contemplating what to write, she decided that since she had a habit of checking people for fangs and living in the dark, she discovered her own vampires and Lilly, Marcus, and Sullivan. The little paranormal romance morphed into the Fangs & Halos urban fantasy series as each character had to weigh in on the storyline. Especially Baron, the vampire cat.

Lilly's Angel was nominated for the Reviewer's Choice Award in Vampire/Werewolf category. They awarded a first-ever Honorable Mention for having a first ever book nominated for the awards. The Fangs & Halos Series has been acclaimed with several 5-star reviews.

Along with writing, her other passion obsession is World of Warcraft where she plays the gnome mage Rubyrose on the Argent Dawn server.


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