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C.J. Peterson is a five-time award-winning published author since 2012. She is also a podcaster and blogger, and knows how to relate well to folks of all ages. She has three series currently out: Grace Restored Series, Holy Flame Trilogy, and the Divine Legacy Series for young adults and adults. In her books, the spiritual realm crosses into the physical. Where there’s dark, there’s light. Where there are angels…there are demons. It’s an edge of your seat journey, that will have you holding onto the pages for dear life! 

She also has a children's book series based on the real-life adventures of Chief and Sarge! She and her husband (lovingly known as Super Hubby) take Chief (stuffed koala) and Sarge (stuffed monkey) on real-life adventures in order to share them with your little one! People have fallen in love with Chief and Sarge! Many have taken advantage of photo opportunities with the little guys! Check them out under the tab on C.J.'s website with the same name.

“While the stories are fiction, the journey is real.”


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