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Zen Benefiel is an accomplished author and speaker who holds an MA in Organizational Management, MBA in Project Management, and is a Certified Secondary Teacher, Transformational Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. His first corporate job was managing a $7 MM/month product line in the aerospace industry. 1990 to 1992, he hosted 120+ TV shows, called One World, exploring fears in life from multiple perspectives. He was co-chair of the Phoenix Indian School Preservation Coalition which sought to have Native American heritage features in the Indian School Park Specific Plan. He taught high school including inner-city and several charter high schools with full charge of their curricula, including developing multiple intelligence learning centers. He earned a MA in 2003 and wrote a business plan for a model school/village using best practices and holistic education models. In 2002 he got involved with micro-lending and small business development, helping women and minority-owned businesses garner over $200,000 in micro-loans. In 2010 he spoke at the International Association for Near Death Studies annual conference. 2016-19, he co-hosted 2 Small Biz Guys talk radio. Principal of Be The Dream LLC - Transformational Coaching and Professional Services, Planck Social Media Agency LLC, Team Partnering LLC and United We Stand Productions LLC. Born and raised in Indiana, he's lived in Arizona since 1981. He recently married a concert pianist and music theory/piano teacher originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, first meeting at her Kundalini yoga teacher training graduation. He is father of four, with 2 great grandfather and 9 grandchildren.


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