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William Poje was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Poj-Man has lived in Battle Creek, MI, as well as Merrimack, NH, Doylestown, PA, Nashville, TN, Grand Bahama Island and Grand Cayman Island. Poj currently lives in Jacksonville, FL.


Pojer has an Accounting\Business Administration degree from Aquinas College and an MBA from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University.



Poooj is a sportsman who enjoys playing full court basketball, racquetball, throwing a Frisbee, and kicking a hackeysack.  He also enjoys working the Saturday Wall Street Journal Crossword and Bonus Puzzle as well as the Sunday New York Times Crossword and weekly bonus puzzles.  Obviously arts are also a form of entertainment.


Work experience

The Pojmeister has worked in a variety of industries. A decade was spent buying and selling estates of books, comic books, baseball cards and memorabilia. This work provided Poj with a background in art and the history of art that the vast majority of people simply don’t have.


Pojerooski also worked in the auto industry for nearly a decade and was responsible (among many other things) for estimating 25% or more of the OEM push\pull cables (think transmission cables or brake cable or even the corn picking cable) annually sold in the USA. The Poj-Man was also the financial controller for the largest Bahamian exporter while designing and installing some very large information systems.


Poje is also a barbarian who also takes care of his aging mother. That kind of kills the barbarian lifestyle but the sacrifice of the life desired to be led to take care of Mom is worth. It’s also less of a sacrifice than many of those who serve in the military go through so it is hard for Poooj to complain.