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Barbara J Hopkinson is a GRI-advanced certified Grief Recovery Specialist, best-selling author, and IBM corporate executive who remains resilient after the loss of 3 children, her husband, her parents and site in one eye. She has led families through the journey of grief for more than 17 years. Barbara created Faces of Resilience, a mobile photo shoot to encourage open expression of grief, loss and love. She is founder of A Butterfly’s Journey ™, a nonprofit for resilience after loss, as well as The Compassionate Friends of Greater Newburyport, MA; part of the largest grief recovery organization in the world, supporting family after a child dies. Barbara’s books include “A Butterfly’s Journey… Healing Grief After the Loss of a Child” (a memoir), “FAITH – Finding Answers In The Heart – Volume II” (a collaborative), co-author of two books in ‘Grief Diaries’ anthology series, “Will I Survive?” and “Surviving Pet Loss”, plus a contributor to “Prose & Poetry.” In addition, Barbara’s first photo book is “Faces of Resilience” (a modern look at an ageless journey). More info/Resources:




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