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Mr. Van Alstyne is a fantasy and folklore author who writes for children and adults alike. As a retired chef and baker, he draws on his experiences making cakes, cookies, sugarplums, and other tasty confections. A Navy veteran, Mr. Van Alstyne has traveled the world learning about the local myths and faerie folklore. A devotee of the Brothers Grim, Hans Christian Anderson, and Roald Dahl, his books fit into the faerie tale and children’s book genres. Mr. Van Alstyne's series, "The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist," is very unique as his protagonist is a 65-year-old master pastry chef, who happens to become 13-years-old again; in a world inhabited by fairies and made entirely of sweets. This makes the series great for parents, and grandparents, to read to the children in their lives. Mr. Van Alstyne also is the author of a new baby book called "Under the Crescent Moon;" a 6 X 6, 18-page board book for children 0-5yrs. 


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