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Angie Barton was born in Fort Worth, Texas where she currently resides with her dog, and near her two adult sons. Angie’s passion for reading and writing began when she was in elementary school as she could always be found with a book, pencil, or paper in hand. She was also a favorite amongst her teachers regarding Scholastic book orders. Her parents never limited the number of books she was allowed to purchase, so while she often brought home a box full each month, her teachers earned just as many for their classroom! Angie Barton has been an early childhood educator since 1986 and holds a B.S. in Child Development. Her experience working with children ranges from being a Nanny and Overnight Sleep Specialist to a Teacher, Director, and Director of Education in the early childhood field. Currently, if Angie isn’t reading, or writing, she can be found outdoors participating in local 5k events, woodworking, or relaxing in her hammock. Immortal Wounds is Angie’s first novel..


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