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Ilianna Binoche was born in 1976 in Texarkana, Texas. As an African American woman who has lived in the South her entire life, she always questioned the interracial taboos. After working in management for many years and raising children, Ilianna decided to write the "Taboos & Temptations Collection".

Ilianna Binoche is the pen name for the author of "The Dividing Line", "Chaebol: Topaz", and "For Sale". These three books are part of the "Taboos & Temptations Collection". The purpose of this collection is to introduce the reader to a new format and style of writing. Readers are pressed for time with their busy schedules, however, that does not change the fact that many people enjoy reading.

Ilianna made the decision to write stories with the busy reader in mind. Each story can be viewed as if the reader is watching a powerfully packed emotional rollercoaster unfold right before their eyes. Who has time to sit and read a full-length novel? Many people do, but there are also many people who don't have the time.

Ilianna Binoche brings her readers "Lightning Romance". Within a "Lightning Romance" story, the reader will experience desire and fulfillment, drama, fire, hate and love, joy and sadness, or any mixture of emotions. The best part of each book is that the reader is satisfied with the story, yet they are left with a yearning for the next 90 minute to 120-minute romantic adventure.

As a woman who has juggled a career, an education, and a family, Ilianna understands the importance of time. Each book is carefully crafted with the reader's busy schedules in mind.

Please enjoy these controversial erotic romances tackling the age-old questions of racial taboos and interracial relationships. In 2 hours or less, your heart and mind will be filled to the brim with emotions as well as a desire to be filled again and again.