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I wrote Jesse Unleashed as my first children's book try. However, it is certainly not a lie...that I have been writing since a very early age, ever since I could scribble words on a page.

I am a proud graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, where I was a Longhorn fanatic. I didn't even know which degree to pick! So, I worked extremely hard and earned two - a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and English, and then I knew...that it was time to be a language arts teacher when my experience grew.

I am a certified Texas Education Agency educator for close to 25 years, sharing my award-winning original creative writing curriculum through workshops for my teacher peers.

Working as a teacher in a Houston public and private school, during this time, I hasn't a fool, as I created my own successful business, Grade A Tutoring Company and recently became a feature writer for Houston Family and other notable publications in the city.

I love to spend time with my mom, George, Halle, and Brady.

I am constantly reaching out to assist youth in need...through Souper Bowl of Caring, Texas Children's Hospital, City of Houston Tennis and Parks Organizations, volunteering and doing many a good deed.

I will now visit schools, pet stores, and special events to share the important messages in Jesse's story.